Best Ways to Remove Mold From Drywall


Seeing mold on drywall is a concern for any homeowner who understands the dangers that it poses to the health and safety of their homes and families. Luckily, removing mold from drywall usually resolves the issue. How can mold removal from the drywall be done?

Bleach and Water

The most common way people remove mold from drywall is with water and bleach. Just mix one cup of water per one gallon of bleach and clean the mold using a soft sponge or a cleaning cloth. Allow the solution to penetrate on the walls for a few minutes before wiping clean with water and a cloth.

Vinegar and Water

People sometimes use vinegar and water rather than bleach and water. They prefer the less toxicity of vinegar and sometimes prefer the decreased smell. Use the same method as the water and bleach solution except for use three parts vinegar per gallon of water.


Another cleaner that easily removes mold from drywall is ammonia. This is the most toxic of the cleaners included on or list, but also one of the most effective. Be sure to ventilate the area well before using ammonia. It is also necessary to thoroughly dilute the solution in water before using it to remove mold from your walls.

Scrub Brush

Whichever mold removal method you opt to use, make sure that a scrub brush is readily available to scrub the drywall to ensure complete removal. Scrub brushes are found wherever cleaning products are sold. They cost only a couple of dollars and make mold removal much easier.

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If the mold removal strategies listed here don’t successfully remove the problem, drywall repair dallas service can help. Professional repair service removes all signs of mold as well as the dangers that it creates.