Fixing Broken Teeth


Our teeth are very important to our overall health and self-worth.  When we have teeth that are yellowed, stained, chipped or just broken, we have a tendency cover our mouth and shy away from the world.  The same can be said if we have dentures.

Dentures are artificial teeth that we get when we are older, and our natural teeth have decayed or are no longer functioning.  With dentures we need to keep them clean and functioning as well.  However, if they are not working well or broken it is important to learn how to repair broken dentures brook park.

The dentist

The first thing that you need to do is contact your dentist.  The dentist is the person that has traveled with you along this journey to getting your teeth straight.  When you contact your dentist, they will be able to walk you through the entire process of getting your dentures repaired or replaced.

Stop eating

You want to stop eating with your dentures.  When your dentures are damaged, they may be able to be repaired easily, however, if you continue to use them you could also cause a lot more damage to them than you intended.

Remove them from your mouth

repair broken dentures brook park

If possible, you want to remove the dentures from your mouth and store them in a glass of water.  If you remove your dentures and store them in water, they will be protected until you can go and get them repaired.  However, if you keep them in your mouth then you can possibly chip more of your teeth which could result in a choking hazard.

Don’t delay

If you feel that your dentures are going to give you issues and could possibly break, then you don’t want to delay taking action.  Call your dentist right away and tell them what is going on.  You will then want to make an appointment to get them looked at before anything happens to them.